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Grey Owl

Listen up Yo! Today’s incredible feature is a going to be a real hoot. Lidia ‘Flamenco Queen’ Saiz gets a little dedication today, because she is one little Spaniard that just luuuuuuurves bird talk. Its time to sharpens those beaks, and extend those talons, because today we take flight with one of the forest’s truly stealthy and magnificent winged characters. A feathered flat head with a craving for field mice and face like dinner plate, time to give it up and howl for the GREY OWL!

Also known as the Great Grey Ghost or the Phantom of the North, this elusive hooter is the biggest of all the owls. It’s not called Grey for nothing, with a grey coloured set of feathers and a face thats looks somewhat like a discus. One interesting point of difference with this commodious gent, is that it prefers to hunt during the day, rather than at night like most others owls. Mornings and afternoons are seem to be the go for catching those pesky rodents that taste…mmmmmmmmm……so gewd.

Lets size this fella up. He grows up to a whopping 20 – 30 inches tall with a wing span of 4 to 5 feet. As mentioned before, the feathers that cover the big bird are grey, but do have dark streaks that run through. The Grey Owl has big bright yellow peepers, with black rings on the skin that encircle them.

As far as forest cuisine goes, small mammals, especially rodents are high up on the hit list. They way in which they locate the poor unsuspecting varmot, is by taking in sounds from the area using the dish like face. That head aint like that just for looks, its completely functional, absorbing the quietest of rustles under some leaves or even snow. Once the bad boy locks on, it’s “TORA TORA TORA”.

They’ll nest in broken top trees, or, for something a bit easier, bunker down in some other birds nest, provided it’s big enough. Their habitat is under threat from pesky humans. So lets take care people!


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  1. Justin... says:

    WEAPON…”around here the penalty for rustling is death”

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